Date: 18th-19th February 2016 

Location: Great Hall, King’s College London Strand campus.    

The Conflict, Security & Development Conference is a joint initiative of postgraduate master’s students from the Conflict, Security and Development (CSD) programme, the War Studies Department and the Institute for International Development (IDI) at King’s College London. This event follows the success of the previous conferences held in 2015 and 2014.This year’s conference places special emphasis on the role of marginalised communities in the evolution, continuation and determination of conflict. By highlighting the role of those demographic, ethnic and religious groups that often receive least attention, the conference aims to contribute to a more nuanced and accurate understanding of contemporary issues in security and development as well as approaches to solve these. As conflicts are increasingly fought along a number of varying fault lines, critical engagement with the impact of marginalised communities is crucial for both national and international organisations in developing sustainable policy solutions.The Conference is structured around four individual panels, introducing leading policy-makers, practitioners and academics in the field to critically analyse and discuss specific aspects in the debate about marginalised communities. It also offers a networking opportunity for both recruiters and students.

Conflict, Security and Development (CSD) Programme

The Conflict, Security and Development postgraduate programme in the War Studies Department of King’s College London is led by Professor Mats Berdal and seeks to study the ways in which these three fields interconnect in theory and in practice. The programme is geared towards giving students a detailed understanding of real conflict situations, whilst providing a well-informed theoretical framework to approach case studies.

King’s Institute for International Development (IDI)

The Institute for International Development, directed by Professors Peter Kingstone and Andy Sumner, is a contemporary and innovative development institute focusing on emerging economies in the modern world with specific teaching expertise on Latin America and South Asia. The subject is context-driven, exploring social, political and economic changes: the sources of their success and changing development needs and challenges.

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