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12291076_990638714332175_397574604743439250_oAdrie Smith is a post-graduate student in Conflict, Security and Development, having done her undergraduate at the University of Edinburgh in International Relations. Prior to studying at King’s College London, she worked in Washington, D.C. for the International Development Membership Organization, InsideNGO. Her previous work experience includes working for the University of Edinburgh’s Politics and IR Department (Edinburgh), the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (Geneva) and A Fundação de Tartarugas (Cape Verde). She is one of the co-chairs for this year’s Annual CSD Conference.



Melanie Gilbert is a MA student in
Conflict, Security, and Development from the United States. She did her undergraduate in International Relations at the College of William & Mary. She has worked in government, think tanks, and non-profit and hopes to start a career in development or charity work next year. Melanie is one of the co-chairs for this year’s conference.




Fizza Muhammad  was born in Pakistan but has spent most of her life in London. She studied Politics and International Relations at Royal Holloway and is currently studying Emerging Economies and International Development.





Logistics Team 


Thomas Davies has a BA (Hons) in War Studies and wrote on British Government Policy in Northern Ireland 1969-1972. He has previously worked in the House of Commons as a Parliamentary Researcher to the Rt. Hon. Edward Davey, and also has extensive experience in political campaigning. He is currently Shadow Spokesperson for Growth and Identity, sitting as a Councillor on the Royal Borough of Kingston Council. He is also currently studying an MA in Conflict, Security and Development.


12238507_990640697665310_2053284725425436732_oWith a background in political science and public administration in Mexico, Paulina is here to discuss incredible ideas and put them into practice learning from the best academics and classmates, but also discover London and the world!






Lucy Bainbridge is a SOAS graduate with a long-standing interest in communications, security and development. Lucy studied Chinese and Economics and lived in China, an experience that highlighted the challenges China still faces today. This, alongside an understanding of the cultural, political and economic forces behind China’s rise has motivated her to study Conflict, Security and Development, specialising in contemporary Russian politics and intelligence studies.



Elisa Benevelli grew up in a small town in the north of Italy, where she’s never quite fit in. She wandered around the world for a while, going as far as Australia, and then graduated from the University of Trieste. Currently, she is a MA student reading for a degree in Conflict, Security and Development.




Cynthia Adeb12303990_990640460998667_294143475687371356_oiyi-Yekinni, a Mandarin speaking, British born Nigerian, is passionate about the world and aims to leave it a far better place than when she entered it. She is especially interested in global development and coming up with first class ideas, in which the ‘Third World’ can develop without having to rely on the ‘First World’.




12244842_990640424332004_1299049670175135515_oAndrew is currently studying Conflict, Security and Development in the War Studies Department. Having grown up in Hong Kong, and having completed his undergraduate degree at UCLA, Andrew hopes to use his multicultural background to bring a fresh perspective to the Conference.





Charlie holds a BA (Hons) in History from the University of Chichester. She is currently reading for an MA in Conflict, Security and Development and she takes a special interest in West Africa, structural reconstruction and stabilisation.






Andrew Dickson is in the Conflict, Security & Development M.A. Programme and holds a B.A. from Hertford College, Oxford. He is also a Researcher at the Lokahi Foundation, a social impact charity. His research interests include the psychology behind insurgency groups and de-radicalisation; political theory concerning government relations with wider society; and modern and ancient philosophy of religion.



12304292_990755180987195_2254004998209788301_oEgalita Irfan is an MA student in Conflict, Security, and Development. She received her BA in International Relations from the University of Indonesia in 2014. She previously worked as an analyst The Asia Group Advisors in Jakarta. Her research interests include military and security in Asia-Pacific, counter-terrorism, and ethnic conflict.




Sponsorship Team 


Nick Waters grew up in South London before studying History at the University of Leeds. After graduating he spent 4 years in the Army, 3 of which as a Platoon Commander in 2 RIFLES. He left the Army in August and now studies Conflict, Security and Development.





Malcolm McEachern is pursuing an MA in Conflict, Security and Development. He holds a BA in Politics & International Relations from the University of Royal Holloway. His main academic interests include regional security of South Asia and the governance of international organisations.





Jas Kirt is an M.A student in Conflict, Security & Development. She recently graduated from UCLA with a degree in Political Science with a focus on International Relations and Global Studies. Her interests include state-building, security, social movements and gender equality in the Middle East and South Asia.




12291905_990640534331993_636939171708835585_oHeshani Jayaratne is a 23-year old Italian student with Sinhalese origins. Having studied International Relations, she is currently interested in human rights and peace-building with a special focus on Africa and the Middle East. She is glad to be part to be part of the organisational team for this conference as it is a direct reflection of her interest and studies.



Tom holds12232834_990640730998640_1348969145753031658_o a BA in International Relations, Middle East Studies and History from Exeter University. He is particularly interested in the Middle East and Iran. He has researched the impact of American drone campaigns on the development of Pakistan and Yemen. Currently, he is researching the role of Private Military Companies in the future of security and development.




Andrew Smith is originally from Cheshire, UK and he attained his first degree in Criminology in Sheffield, UK before moving to London to start his MA in Conflict, Security & Development. Andrew has a specialised interest in natural resources and armed conflict, particularly in Africa, and has interned in the private extractive industries for both BP and Halliburton.




Marketing and Public Relations


Aliaume Leroy did his undergraduate at McGill University in Political Science, Economics and History. On top of his studies, he works as a consultant and a freelance investigative reporter on diamond/drug/arms trafficking, money-laundering, counter-narcotics and counter-terrorist strategies.




Zoya Javed11231280_990640747665305_6334573793455146591_o is a University of Kent graduate, currently pursuing an MA in Conflict, Security and Development. She holds a special interest in conflict resolution and peace-building, particularly in the Middle Eastern and South Asian regions.





12265756_990640410998672_2339949015712678423_oAnum Farhan is from Pakistan and holds a BA in History from Durham University. She is exploring her interests in South Asian security and transnational armed groups through an MA in Conflict, Security and Development in the War Studies department.





Chawahir Yussur is a postgraduate student studying Conflict, Security and Development at King’s College London. She takes a special interest in Eastern and Central Africa.





12291926_990640444332002_6667740592342103898_oCristina Cefai holds a Bachelor’s (Hons) Degree in European Studies from the University of Malta. Her interest in conflict and security was inspired by her participation in the Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellowship at Wake Forest University, North Carolina in 2012. She is the co-founder of the Young Leaders for Tomorrow’s Conference, which brings young Europeans and Eurasians together in Bratislava annually to discuss security challenges. She is a One Young World Ambassador.


Prior to perusing an MA in Conflict, Security and Development, Gili Perl graduated from Webster University Vienna with a BA in Media Communications (Hons) and Minor in International Relations. Alongside her studies she worked for the OSCE Office of the Representative of Freedom of the Media as well as a leading Austrian law firm.



Kristin B12247877_990640577665322_9089440871260390318_oaalmann holds a BA in International Relations from Queen Mary, University of London and is currently reading for the MA Conflict, Security and Development. Her main research interests include peace-building and conflict resolution. She has previously worked in non-profit organisations in the fields of conflict resolution, anti-corruption work and cultural exchange.



12291870_990640590998654_1204409250390847356_oLucas Rasche is a Masters student in Conflict, Security and Development, with a BA in European Studies from Maastricht University. He has a special interest in the European Union’s foreign policy and Middle Eastern affairs.





12244298_990640657665314_6897777128575109803_oMateo Sáenz studied International Relations at USFQ in Ecuador and currently is a Latin American Development post-graduate student. Alongside having a great academic education, he considers that extracurricular activities help you acquire more knowledge and skills and it is a great opportunity to meet amazing people.




Aaditya Dave is pursuing his MA in Conflict, Security & Development. He has completed his BA in English Literature from Mumbai University and served as an intern at the Consulate of Ecuador in Mumbai. His main academic interests include the South Asia region and peace-building.