war logo 3King’s College London War Studies Department

Established in February 1962 and currently headed by Professor Theo Farrell, the Department of War Studies is the only academic department in the world to focus solely on the phenomenon of conflict and security. Located on the King’s Strand campus, near the Somerset House and a walking distance from Whitehall, the Department has built strong relationships with London institutions such as Chatham House and RUSI to further connect the study of security and conflict with its practice.

idi-box-redKing’s Institute for International Development (IDI)

The Institute for International Development, directed by Professors Peter Kingstone and Andy Sumner, is a contemporary and innovative development institute focusing on emerging economies in the modern world with specific teaching expertise on Latin America and South Asia. The subject is context-driven, exploring social, political and economic changes: the sources of their success and changing development needs and challenges.